ELSA – European awardees of Russian Mega-grants: extreme light sources and applications

The ELSA-laboratory comprises two parts: the XT-lab dealing with the physics of attosecond and terahertz generation and the MP-lab dedicated to creation and use of petawatt laser sources. Both, XT and MP laboratories share three experimental complexes: multipetawatt (MP), attosecond, and terahertz.

As a result of the joint work of Prof. G. Mourou and his Russian colleagues from the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod one of the world’s most powerful multipetawatt laser systems was built, and a unique diagnostic system for the study of materials with attosecond (10-18 s) time resolution was created.

The attosecond complex was constructed in a special experimental room of 60 m2 area with low-vibration environment. The room was electromagnetically shielded and equipped with a specially-designed ventilation and conditioning system for controlling the temperature and humidity.

Extremely effective methods of generating terahertz laser pulses were elaborated and successfully tested. Among the main results of the research conducted on the experimental complex for terahertz studies in 2011-2012, the most remark- able are record optical-to-terahertz conversion efficiencies obtained using original structures with a thin layer of an electro-optic material (LiNbO3) sandwiched between a reflecting substrate and a Si-prism outcoupler. Pumping such a sandwich structure with amplified laser pulses of tens-of- microjoule energy we achieved a world record efficiency of 0.25%.

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Emmanuel Onillon
CSEM, Centre Suisse D´electronique


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