15.05.2014 - 17.05.2014 | Tomsk

International conference "Social Sciences & Medical Innovations"

The Center for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST-Centre, Tomsk State University) and the Department of Health, Ethics and Society (HES, Maastricht University) with the support from The Open Society Foundation announce a call for the International Conference «Social Sciences & Medical Innovations», 15-17 May 2014, Tomsk. The conference is organized as a collaborative endeavor between Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and Tomsk State University (Russian Federation).

Innovations in medicine and public health – genetic technologies, e-health, monitoring technologies, etc – are commonly presented as a key to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life as well as to lower the costs of health care. However,often new medical and health care technologies are not implemented in practice as promised, innovations raise new moral and social issues so that an ‘’implementation gap’’ becomes a challenge.

Social sciences play a central role in analyzing the dynamics of medical and public health innovations and in understanding the problem of their implementation. This conference aims to explore the complexity of innovation processes in medicine and health care from the perspective of social sciences, including science and technology studies (STS), medical anthropology and sociology of biomedicine.


Olga Zvonareva
Maastricht University 

Olga Melnikova
Tomsk State University

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