02.06.2014 - 06.06.2014 | Tomsk

International Symposium of Chemistry and Technology of inorganic fluorine

The main goal of the ISIF 2014 is the globalization of the results on basic and applied researches in the field of inorganic fluorine chemistry and technology. The search of new ways for international collaboration of Russian and international chemists, a discussion on new ideas, prospects and general trends of the development in inorganic fluorine chemistry in the world is planned.

On the agenda you will find the following topics:

  1. the general state of natural fluorine raw material sources and new approaches of processing of raw deposits of inorganic fluorides.
  2. new theoretical approaches to the description of electronic and molecular structures of inorganic fluorides.
  3. new pathways of some specific inorganic fluoride syntheses, including objects in their nanosized state.
  4. latest data on the structural, physical and analytical chemistry of inorganic fluorides including coordination compounds.
  5. Bridges between inorganic, organic fluorides and catalysis.
  6. The application of fluorination for surface functionalization of materials.
  7. Role of inorganic fluorides in the chemical energetics and electrical engineering
  8. applications of inorganic fluorides in optoelectronics and semiconductor industry.
  9. industrial production and future perspectives of inorganic fluorides.


Roman Ostvald
Tomsk University

Alain Tressaud
National Center for Science and Research France

Valentin Mitkin
Institute of inorganic chemistry named after A.V. Nikolaev

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