Krasnodar Region

Krasnodar Region (Krasnodarskij Kraj), also known as Kuban Region due to its geographical position near the Kuban River, lies in the South of Russia along the Black Sea coast. The territory of the region is characterised by its huge and unique natural diversity you can discover when you travel along the Black Sea or through the Caucasian mountains. Because of its Mediterranean climate, it is an appropriate place for agriculture.

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Krasnodar – the granary of Russia

Therefore Krasnodarskij Kraj is often referred to as the granary of Russia: thanks to its fertile soil the region is Russia’s leading agricultural producer with 7% of the country’s production. Consequently Krasnodar Region is one of the most important regions for Russia’s food production. International companies like Nestle or Bonduelle have opened productions plants in the region. 

Above that, one of the most profitable economic branches is tourism: Thanks to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in February 2014 the touristic sea resorts along the Black Sea Coast like Anapa, Tuapse or Sochi itself gained international popularity.

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Kuban- homeland of the Kuban Cossacks

The culture of the region is widely characterised by the Cossack history of the Kuban region. Most of the Kuban Cossacks are descendants of two major groups who were resettled to the western Northern Caucasus during the Caucasus War in the late 18th century. But only after fighting for the Russian Empire in the Russo-Turkish War 1787-1792 in the course of which Russia could consolidate its access to the Black Sea, the Russian Empress Catherine the Great rewarded them as a sign for their loyalty and service with eternal use of the Kuban. Still today you can discover the traces of the history of the Cossacks everywhere around Kuban.

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Kuban State University- paving the way for internationalisation

Throughout its history from 1920 down to the present day Kuban State University has built up various international connections resulting in a permanent cooperation with more than 40 higher education institutions from Europe, Asia and America. Beyond that the University participates in several international projects and/or cooperates with funding institutions like DAAD, TACIS, TEMPUS, INTAS etc.

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