29.09.2014 - 30.09.2014 | Obninsk

Strengthening of Cooperation and Exchange for Nuclear Education and Training | Kick-off meeting of Euratom FP7 project 2014-2017

The entire project of cooperation with Russia titled “Strengthening of Cooperation and Exchange for Nuclear Education and Training between the European Union and the Russian Federation” consist of two parallel projects on the EU side and the Russian side.

 The objectives of the entire project are:

  • based on the achievements of the FP7 ENEN-RU project, to further define a common basis for effective cooperation between the European and Russian networks for nuclear Education &Training (E&T);
  • to define a detailed implementation plan based on the needs of cooperation in the long-term agreed during the ENEN-RU project;
  • to solve the difficulties for cooperation found during the ENEN-RU project in order to implement the plan in a sustainable manner;
  • to operate the knowledge management framework;
  • to list up and promote further use of E&T facilities, laboratories and equipment.


Pedro Dieguez Porras
ENEN association, France

Prof. Vladimir Artisiuk
Rosatom Central Institute for Continuing Education &
Training (ROSATOM-CICET), Obninsk, Russia

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