28.01.2014 - 30.01.2014 | Saint Petersburg

International Scientific-Practical Conference "Statistics as a tool for international communication”

This Conference was supported by RFBR (grant № 13-06-06200 g_1_2014). St. Petersburg State University of Economics (SPbGEU) and Petrostat were the partners involved. The key idea of the conference was to improve the comparability of statistical indicators, expanding the sphere of comparable indicators and the possibility of disaggregating indicators while maintaining the confidentiality of the information.

impressions from the conference | © Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
impressions from the conference | © Sociological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Supplementary objectives of the conference were an international comparison of professional education in the field of socio-economic statistics, as well as the directions of the joint use of official statistics and sociological research. Programme Committee Chair was V.L.Makarov, Academician, Director of CEMI RAS. Vice-Chairman was I.I. Eliseeva. Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the Sociological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and I.A. Maksimtsev, Doctor of Economics, Rector SPbGEU.

The conference was attended by 102 participants including 25 foreign participants, including 5 participants from Romania (University Dimitrie Cantemir, Romanian Academy of Sciences). Main attention was paid to the development stages of purchasing power parity (PPP), as well as the possibility of using the new demographics indicators.

Another subject was to identify common for Russian and EU methodological problems of socio-economic statistics and solutions promoted through the Round Table on "International comparisons of statistical indicators of Russia and the EU: achievements, problems and solutions" organized by the General Director ICSER "Leontief Centre" PhD Irina Karelina and director-coordinator of research programs PhD L.E. Limonov.

According to the results of the Round Table it was decided to continue the research in this field to ensure comparability of statistical indicators of Russia and the EU. The priority areas identified are the urban statistics and statistics of innovation.


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