01.01.2014 - 31.12.2014 | Finland, Estonia, Russia

Gulf of Finland Year 2014 – an international project involving Finland, Russia and Estonia (the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is one of its patrons)

The Gulf of Finland Year 2014 project brings together researchers, representatives of government agencies and members of the public from Finland, Estonia and Russia, with the aim of protecting the Gulf of Finland as a healthy and safe living environment. Extensive collaboration between the three countries is crucial to ensuring the sustainable use of the Gulf of Finland region.

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© Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

As part of the Gulf of Finland Year, researchers from the three countries will produce a detailed analysis of the state of the Gulf of Finland’s marine ecosystem. The research covers five key areas, on which detailed information is required for political decision-making:

  1. Bio- and geodiversity Monitoring and protection of the Gulf of Finland’s bio- and geodiversity are essential for the sustainable, harmonious development and preservation of the region’s ecosystem.
  2. Ecosystem health and pollution Hazardous substances, mainly heavy metals and insecticides, pose a serious threat to the health of the marine environment and, consequently, to human health and wellbeing as well. This is why the volumes of these hazardous substances and their distribution need to be analysed.
  3. Fish and fisheries research into fish stocks is required to ensure sustainable, balanced fishing in the Gulf of Finland.
  4. Maritime safety Heavy maritime traffic in the Gulf of Finland requires a comprehensive safety and accident-prevention system to be created, taking into account the difficult winter conditions.
  5. Maritime spatial planning The Baltic Sea’s ecology is heavily influenced by human activities. The Gulf of Finland region requires a general maritime spatial plan, which takes into account the national interests of the participating countries on matters concerning energy, fisheries and shipping.

A wide monitoring system network, the use of databases and identical measurement methods are an integral part of this research project. In addition, there are general themes touching on every aspect of the research programme, i.e. eutrophication and the impact of climate change.

The five strands of the project will help the countries comply with national and international legislation, as well as with international nature conservation conventions. The results of the research in all the key areas will help guarantee sustainable development of the Gulf of Finland region now and in the future.

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