18.03.2014 | Moscow

Workshop “Sustainable global cooperation on food safety”

The workshop “Sustainable global cooperation on food safety” took place on the 18th of March 2014, in the House of Moscow Government, within the framework of the International Conference “Biotechnology and Quality of Life” and the exhibition “Biotech World”.

This workshop was developed by Collab4Safety, an initiative funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (www.collab4safety.eu) aiming to optimize the integration of research and training in food safety between the European Union (EU) and its trading partners. The main goal of this workshop was to facilitate the control and mitigation of existing and emerging food risks and to provide a sustainable platform for global integration of food safety policies.

workshop impressions | © Hans Marvin, Institute for the Safety of Food Products
Workshop impressions | © Hans Marvin, Institute for the Safety of Food Products

120 participants took part in the event. Representatives of national agencies, members of international organizations, research organizations and institutes, policy makers, industry and non-governmental organization members as well as partners of Collab4Safety from academia and private sector were among the entrants. 

The workshop presented a unique chance to obtain new knowledge, share their experience, find new information resources and communicate with domestic and foreign experts in the area of food safety. The Collab4safety project had the opportunity to provide information on its results and activities. 

Great attention was dedicated to the questions of cooperation between Russia and the European Union, namely collaborative research.

Extensive coverage of the workshop including prsentations, videos and audio files can be found here.


Hans Marvin
Institute for the Safety of Food Products, The Netherlands

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