17.06.2014 - 19.06.2014 | Moscow

International Conference "Meeting Future Research Needs on Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses – A Global Foresight Initiative"

The International Conference «Meeting future research needs on infectious diseases of animals and zoonoses: A global foresight initiative» was the closing of a series of foresights to harmonize Russian and European programs for the control and mitigation of infectious animal diseases.

During the conference the results of European, American and pan-Asian Foresight research in the field of infectious animal diseases and zoonoses were consolidated and systematized. Recommendations to improve the efficiency of research cooperation between Russia and the EU Member States in this area were developed. The conference also acquainted young scientists with the latest developments in veterinary health care, modern methods of monitoring, control and prevention of the spread of the most dangerous animal diseases of infectious and invasive etiology.

The event was organized by the STAR-IDAZ consortium (Global strategic alliances for the coordination of research on the major infectious diseases of animals and zoonoses; http://www.star-idaz.net/) and FP7-KBBE.

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