15.04.2014 - 17.04.2014 | Moscow

British-Russian Workshop under the British Council Researcher Links scheme: “Mathematical and Computational Modelling in Cardiovascular Problems”

16 British and about 30 Russian researchers took part in the Workshop. The participants delivered lectures in the area of cardiovascular mathematical and numerical modelling. Besides the research talks, some presentations were devoted to research opportunities in Russia and UK in this area, funding opportunities in the UK and Russian Federation. In addition to that career opportunities for young researchers were explored.

In total, nearly 50 presentations have been delivered. The lectures initiated multiple discussions continued during coffee breaks, lunches, and the dinner.

A number of initial collaborations have been established between researchers of both countries. Several mutual grant applications are planned. A relevant proposal “Coronary blood flow remodeling by enhanced external counter-pulsation” inspired by the talks and discussions is under preparation for the Royal Society International Exchanges Scheme. The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology offered internship positions in 2014 for post-graduates from British universities who participated in the workshop. Two post-graduates accepted the invitation.

The workshop programme and selected presentations are displayed on the website. Special publications are planned based on presentations in the “International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering” and the “Russian Journal of Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling”.

The Workshop certainly helped the young researchers to establish useful links, to understand available funding and career opportunities. It has provided opportunities to help upcoming researchers to get suitable research position and research funding.

The Workshop contributed to intensify the development of mathematical and engineering biomedical modelling of cardiovascular system. In the long-term, it will hopefully help to transform the modelling into clinical practice and ultimately decrease the death rate caused by cardiovascular diseases.


Claire McNulty
British Council London
Alexander Sharov
Russian Foundation for Basic Research

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