31.03.2014 - 04.04.2014 | Kirkkolahti

6th International Symposium "Dynamics of Game Animals Populations in Northern Europe"

As part of the EU – Russia Year of Science 2014 agenda, IB KarRC RAS jointly with the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (RKTL) and the Svanhovd Environmental Centre, Norway organized the 6th International Symposium “Dynamics of Game Animals Populations in Northern Europe” with financial support provided by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Barents Secretariat, Black Rocks Hunting Farm, international projects КА518 and КА529 funded by the EU, Russia and Finland. The symposium took place in the village of Kirkkolahti, Republic of Karelia on March 31 – April 4.

impression from the symposium | © Konstantin Tirronen
Impression from the symposium | © Konstantin Tirronen

The symposium gathered 114 researchers and employees of 55 scientific, R&D and educational institutions and organizations from Russia and other countries: discussions covered issues of theoretical and applied significance that are of interest to a wide range of researchers in Russia and abroad: ecology and population dynamics of animal resources in Northern Europe, monitoring of wildlife biodiversity in the region under growing human pressure, conservation and sustainable management of game species, elaboration of scientific foundations for conservation and restoration of economically and environmentally significant wildlife species and management of their gene pools, development of remote sensing methods.

swimming bears | © Konstantin Tirronen
Swimming bears | © Konstantin Tirronen

Issues of concern were discussed at roundtables: “Migrations and stopovers of Anseriformes”, “Invasive species and their role in autochthonous ecosystems”, “Genetic studies of game animal populations”, “Role of the Green Belt of Fennoscandia and borderlands in the conservation and restoration of renewable biological resources in the European North”. A side event in the symposium was a session on the international project КА529 “IntellGreenBelt”.

Karelian bear | © Konstantin Tirronen
Karelian bear | © Konstantin Tirronen

The symposium achieved the following major aims set for the scientific event: exchange of latest information among Russian and foreign scientists on the above-mentioned research themes; preparation of agreements on integrating specialists from several countries in dealing with the study, conservation and management of game animals in Northern Europe; promotion of international cooperation, including bilateral and multilateral meetings, training and study trips for young scientists.

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