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Krasnoyarsk Region (Krasnoyarski Krai) is a very special Russian region at the boarder to Eastern Siberia. With regard to its geographical area it is the second largest federal subject of the Russian Federation. It is six times larger than Germany, for example. But there live only 3 million people. At the same time it is a very rich region. Besides various metals and coals it has enormous resources of oil and gas. So its major industrial branches are energy and oil refining, non-ferrous metallurgy and forestry.

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Although the Russian (mostly Cosack) settlement began only in the 17th century, the settlement of the territory of this part of Siberia had already begun around 40000 b.c. But only the construction of the Transsiberian Railway could increase the number of people settling down in this area to a decisive extent. Krasnoyarsk krai as an administrative unit was created in 1934. Today the krai’s population is mostly Russian whereas the indigenous Siberian people represents less than 1%.

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The administrative center and capital of the region is Krasnoyarsk which is located along Yenisei River. The city was founded in 1628 under the name of Kransny Yar as a Russian boarder fort against attacks of the native Siberian people. Only in 1822 when Krasny Yar was given a town status it received its name Krasnoyarsk. After the Russian Revolution 1917 the construction of large plants and buildings was implemented. The most famous one, and therefore one of the symbols of the city, is the hydroelectric power station. You can find it as a drawing on the 10 ruble bill.  For further information visit the official website of the regional administration.

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One of the highlights of the region is the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum which takes place every year. This year’s forum was the 11th taking place from February 27 to March 1, 2014. It was dedicated to the main topic of new sources of growth in Russia with the subtopics "business activity and industry growth," "social services - focus on efficiency", "governance - reforms inevitable?" and "new sources of growth: the eastern vector". Participants from all over the world have discussed these issues in an open dialogue. European experts of the OECD or the EBRD also attended. The forum also offers the opportunity to seek investment possibilities and business contacts in Siberia and links the region to the globalized world. For detailed information visit the website of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum

Moreover, along with Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk is an important scientific center in Siberia. There are several outstanding research and educations institutions based in Krasnoyarsk, such as Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk State Academy of Architecture and Civil Construction, Krasnoyarsk State Technical University and State University of Non-Ferrous Metals and Gold. These higher education and research institutions have been united under the umbrella of the Siberian Federal University (SibFU) in 2006 and thus bring together a large potential of scientific expertise. The efforts of the SibFU to get in touch with and to become a part of the European Research and Science area is proven by the following project which was implemented within the EU-Russia Year of Science.

Сотрудничество Россия-ЕС в этом регионе:

  • 26.02.2014 | Красноярск

    Региональные Дни европейско-российских программ грантовой поддержки исследовательских проектов и академической мобильности

    Первый Региональный информационный день европейско-российских программ грантовой поддержки исследовательских проектов и академической мобильности был организован Сибирским федеральным университетом (СФУ) 26 февраля 2014 г. Мероприятие прошло в рамках Года науки Россия-ЕС 2014 и было приурочено к последующему XI Красноярскому экономическому форуму. Мероприятие было адресовано исследователям, профессорско-преподавательскому составу и студентам Сибири.

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    Летняя школа и семинар «Глобальные изменения климата. Чистая вода»

    Цель этой летней школы, которая включает в себя семинар по чистой воде, состоит в том, чтобы увеличить понимание взаимодействий между изменением климата и чистой водой (пресной водой). Цель состоит в том, чтобы выяснить причины и последствия изменения климата на глобальное потепление и на водо-, энерго- и круговорот питательных веществ, а также подчеркнуть выгоду от стабильного управления водными ресурсами.

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