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Archangelsk Region – named after its capital Archangelsk – is one of the most northern regions of Russia located near the White Sea. The city of Archangelsk was founded by order of Tsar Ivan IV in 1584 around the Michailo-Archangelsky monastery.

impression from Archangelsk | source: thinkstock

Economic boom in the 16th/17th century

In 1553 Richard Chancellor, part of a British expedition which should find new trading routes to China and India, ran aground near Cholmogory due to unusual weather conditions. Back then Cholmogory was the trading centre of Archangelsk region. When the tsar heard about this, he invited Chancellor and made him the offer of duty free trade between England and Russia. Today Chancellor is considered the founder of economic relations between Russia and England.

Church of Intercession in Rikasovo | source: thinkstock

When the trade between the two states began to flourish the tsar gave the order to build a wooden fortress around the Michailo-Archangelsky monastery and the settlements of the traders. The building of the fortress is today considered the laying of the foundation stone of the city of Archangelsk. Thanks to the economic relations Archangelsk with its port became one of the most important trading centres of Northern Russia.

In the beginning of the 18th century the region of Archangelsk lost this position due to the foundation of St. Petersburg in 1703. From that moment on Saint Petersburg was made the most important city in the Baltic and Northern Sea area.

Mikhail Lomonosov  | source: thinkstock

Archangelsk region – place of birth of Mikhail Lomonosov

Above that the region of Archangelsk is famous for being the place of birth of one of Russia’s most recognized scientists: Mikhail Lomonosov. He was born as the son of a fisherman in a small village near Cholmogory in 1711. Already as a young boy he had a passion for learning and generating knowledge. Due to his bad relationship to his stepmother and his desire to obtain higher education he decided to leave his hometown when he was 19 years old. According to the legend he went 1000 km to Moscow on foot to become one of the students of the Slavic Greek Latin Academy. In his career as a scientist he made important contributions to chemistry, physics, mineralogy and philology, e.g. did he discover the atmosphere of Venus.

Moreover, he is both the founder of Moscow State University which is named after him since 1940 and is also considered the first Russian scientist.

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